The University of Melbourne is located in the heart of the City of Melbourne and is Australia’s second-oldest university. Students are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding beautiful churches to visit, as St Patrick's Cathedral, St Francis’ Church and St Mary's Church West Melbourne are all nearby.

Meet the team

Fr Peter Fitzsimons


Fr Peter Fitzsimons has degrees in Law and Commerce, a Masters of Commercial Law (1st Class Honours) and a Doctorate in Moral Theology from the University of the Holy Cross, Rome. He was ordained in 2004 and has worked as a lawyer and legal academic in Australia and New Zealand, most recently teaching at the University of Queensland. He has been a chaplain for activities for young people and has been involved in university chaplaincies at the University of Auckland, University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology. He has given talks and lectures to university students on a variety of topics, and has led many retreats and formative activities for youth and adults since his ordination.

Fr Peter

Join us for Mass

Day Time Service Location
Monday 12.15pm Mass JPII House - 169 Grattan Street
Tuesday 12.15pm Mass JPII House - 169 Grattan Street
Wednesday 12.15pm Mass JPII House - 169 Grattan Street
Thursday 12.15pm Mass JPII House - 169 Grattan Street
12.45pm Student Lunch JPII House - 169 Grattan Street

Opportunity for the Sacrament of Confession daily at 11.45am.

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