Applications for the 2024 intake have now closed. Applications for 2025 will open in late 2024.

What is the Discipleship Internship?

The Discipleship Internship is a paid internship for young adults selected from within the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The Internship is a multifaceted program designed to intensively form a small team of interns in the Discipleship Method. Working alongside the Discipleship Team, interns will play a valuable role in assisting us to build a culture of discipleship among university students, within parishes and communities of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

The Discipleship Method is intentional in its approach because there is an intended outcome; to form intentional disciples. The Discipleship Method forms young people to walk beside their peers and accompany them into a relationship with Jesus. The Discipleship Method seeks to change the culture of youth and young adult ministry and has as its focus, not a particular model or program but ‘a way’ in which the individual and their ministry is ordered toward both becoming and forming disciples.

Through formation and training, individual mentoring, and “hands-on” practicum on campus and in parishes, the interns will be introduced to the basics of the Discipleship Method of youth and young adult ministry. By gaining relevant skills and experience, this small team will, like yeast, become leaven among their peers and fellow youth ministers of the Archdiocese.

What do we cover in Formation?

The formation program is designed to form you in your walk of personal discipleship and living discipleship with others. Topics of formation are included within the 4 Pillars of Formation listed below:

  • Know Thyself
  • The Life of the Disciple
  • Building Authentic Relationships
  • What We Believe

Each pillar is covered through various topics explored each semester:

  • Semester One – Personal Discipleship
  • Semester Two – Living Discipleship

Formation topics include:

  • The life of prayer
  • Identity and Baptism
  • Missionary discipleship
  • Self-leadership tools
  • Understanding your talents and strengths
  • Living a virtuous life
  • Understanding the Sacraments
  • Unlocking Scripture
  • Walking with others in Discipleship
  • And the Living Your Personal Vocation Seminar (14 weeks)
  • And more…

The Discipleship Internship runs from February - November each year.

Applications for 2024 have now closed. Applications for the 2025 intake will open in late 2024.


Discipleship is the way in which the Archdiocese encourages and fosters those encounters that shape people according to the new life the Lord calls them into. Those means include a culture in which vocations are inspired, team ministries are resourced, youth and young adults’ faith is nurtured, and the conditions are tended in which person-to-person witness can be freely manifest.

- Archbishop Peter A Comensoli