Over the past six months, a regular answer to the question, “What helped you in your conversion/reversion to the faith?” has been, “Fr Mike Schmitz.” Similarly, some of the most articulate students on matters of faith seem to have dipped into the plethora of resources developed by Fr Mike. One student who has been raised in a faithful catholic family all of his life claims that he has been ‘discipled by Fr Mike’ in a more consistent, life changing way than by anyone else.

In the interest of continuing our exploration of resources that bring truth to your inbox, today we will do a quick survey of some of Fr Mike’s best resources for young adults.

Ascension Presents

Here you will find a whole archive of Fr Mike’s videos, podcasts and articles. The short videos cover a whole range of topics from Dogma to Tattoos, Relationships to Discernment. Take a look…

Bible in a Year

There is a reason why on Jan 1 this year, Fr Mike’s Bible in a Year podcast was the number one overall podcast in the USA.

Each 25 minute episode features two to three Biblical passages. Fr Mike does not simply read the passages; his reflections help us understand the meaning of the passage and its place within the whole of Scripture. Fr Mike ascribes the success of the podcast to three key ingredients:

  • Ease of use - Just press play, wherever you are.
  • Having a Map - Follow the narrative story of the Bible using Jeff Cavins’ Great Adventure Bible Timeline.
  • Having a Guide - Commentary that helps us understand what we have read and put it in context in the history of Salvation.

You can find the Bible in a Year podcast on most podcast platforms, or also at the Ascension Presents website:

Catechism in a Year

Fr Mike recently announced his next project. Check out his video announcement, get going on finishing the Bible in a Year podcast and get ready to join Fr Mike and thousands of other Catholics all over the world on this year long journey through the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Fr Mike’s Homilies

Fr Mike spends a good amount of his time as the Chaplain for the University of Minnesota Duluth. The students (Bulldog Catholic) have started recording his Sunday homilies and uploading them on Soundcloud and apple podcast.

Hopefully, you will find something there to inspire you in your ongoing growth in the faith. Next time, we will take a look at Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire.