The start of the university year is an exciting time for students across Melbourne, Proclaim: The Office for Mission Renewal has prepared a number of resources for the use of Parishes and local communities at the beginning of Orientation Week to help connect young people with the various Catholic groups and movements on campus.

Parish O-Week Resources

Download an easy-to-print A3 Poster prayer card for distribution to students.

Parish wishing to have hard copies of these materials posted to them can do so by contacting Proclaim: The Office for Mission Renewal via email or by phoning (03) 9926 5761.

Parish Liturgical Resources

Parishes may wish to use the following resource on the weekend of Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February (7th Sunday Ordinary Time) as a way of praying with and for the university students in their local community.

Download some suggested Prayers of the Faithful and a sample Blessing of Students at the Commencement of the University Year.

Suggested Bulletin Notice

Heading onto Campus?

The years spent studying at university are a unique time for building lifelong friendships with other students and with Jesus Christ. To find out what is happening for Catholics on and around campus, check out our website:

Downloads a QR Code to include in your bulletin to help connect students to our website and other online resources.

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