You have made the decision to attend World Youth Day. Congratulations!

What’s next?

As you begin to think about what you need to prepare for overseas travel to WYD 2023, here are 5 tips to help you begin your preparations:

  1. Have you applied for your passport? If you already have one, is the expiry date beyond 9 February 2024? When travelling overseas, your passport needs to have at least 6 months beyond your return date, that is, 6 months beyond the date you are scheduled to return to Australia.
  2. See your doctor and talk about vaccinations, any medical conditions you have or medications you may need while away. Ask your doctor for a letter that details your medical conditions and prescriptions. Make sure you have enough with you for the duration of the trip. Keep them with you in your carry-on luggage. You may need to show this letter to explain your medications at customs.
  3. Have a dental check-up.
  4. Do you need a Visa? Pilgrims travelling on an Australian passport do not need a Visa. However, if you are travelling on another passport, it is your responsibility to check and obtain the Visa you need to enter specific countries.
  5. Read the latest information about the countries you will be visiting. Be aware of local laws. Respect local cultures. Visit for more information.