In the Gospels, we see that Jesus and his disciples repeatedly go on journeys together. During these journeys, as they were walking, resting by the side of the road, or late in the evening, Jesus would encourage his disciples, explain the scriptures to them, and invite them to go deeper in their understanding of the mysteries of faith.

As we prepare to go on pilgrimage with other young Catholics from around the world for World Youth Day, each one of us is being invited on a similar journey with Christ and to engage more deeply with what it means to be a Christian disciple today.

With Archbishop Peter, we are excited that so many young people from across Melbourne have decided to join us on pilgrimage. We look forward to taking this life-changing journey with you over the next few months. By deciding to join us, your pilgrimage has already begun. Over the next few months, we look forward to sharing some great resources to help prepare you for World Youth Day as well as providing opportunities for you to come together in person and online with your fellow pilgrims.

Some Important Dates for your Diaries

Sunday 30 April - First Pilgrim Gathering

1pm – 4.30pm Australian Catholic University

This gathering will be our first opportunity to meet together as a whole pilgrim group, hear from inspiring speakers, and for us to pass on some important information about our pilgrimage.

Sunday 30 April - Parent and Guardian Session

1pm – 4.30pm Australian Catholic University

Parents and guardians of pilgrims under 18 are invited to join us for a dedicated parent/guardian information session where you will find out more details about your child’s pilgrimage and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

WYD Pilgrimage Zoom Sessions

Pilgrims (and parents and guardians) will be required to attend an online session in which pilgrimage-specific information will be shared, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the different elements of your pilgrimage.

Direct to Lisbon Monday 15 May, 7pm (Online)

The Italian Way Tuesday 16 May, 7pm (Online)

Footsteps of Jesus Wednesday 17 May, 7pm (Online)

Emerging Leaders Thursday 18 May, 7pm (Online)

Regional Small Group Gatherings

Our second in-person gathering will happen on a regional level, and this will be a chance for you to gather in your small groups and meet your leaders and chaplains.

East Monday 5 June, 7pm (Venue TBC)

West Tuesday 6 June, 7pm (Venue TBC)

North Wednesday 7 June, 7pm (Venue TBC)

South Thursday 8 June, 7pm (Venue TBC)

World Youth Day Commissioning Mass

Sunday 16 July - St Patricks Cathedral
11am - 2pm

This is our final gathering before setting off. Please bring your family and friends, parishioners, and benefactors as together we are commissioned by Archbishop Peter as the Archdiocese of Melbourne Pilgrimage to World Youth Day Lisbon.

Your official pilgrim pack, travel documentation, and other essential material will be distributed to each pilgrim on this day.